Fairey Swordfish
Fairey Swordfish Mk1.jpg
Box art by Unknown
Key Information
Kit name Fairey Swordfish Mk1
Ref. number 04053
Price £13.99
Scale 1:72
Dimensions (mm) L154 x W193
Skill level
Difficulty rating3.png
Kit contents
Parts 125
Transfer sheets 1

The Royal Navy's primary torpedo bomber of the Second World War, the Swordfish, despite its obsolescence, proved to be an effective anti-submarine and torpedo bomber right up until the end of hostilities in 1945. In fact, the Swordfish went on to outlive its intended replacement, the Albacore, in Royal Navy Service.

Involved in such famous actions as the Taranto raid, the Bismarck operation and the Channel Dash, the vulnerable but effective Swordfish firmly cemented its place in aviation folklore.

Initially, the Swordfish operated from the large fleet carriers. Later it operated from escort carriers, and were very effective against U-boats. The nickname 'Stringbag' indicated the versatility of the Swordfish, which could carry an unlikely combination of loads, but also referred to its jungle of bracing wires, which belonged to a past age.

The Swordfish remained operational until the end of the war, gaining the distinction of being the last biplane to see active service.

The Airfix kit contains a folding wing option.

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