Handley Page Hampden
Handley Page Hampden.jpg
Box art by Unknown
Key Information
Kit name Handley Page Hampden
Ref. number 04011
Price £13.99
Scale 1:72
Dimensions (mm) L226 x W239
Skill level
Difficulty rating2.png
Kit contents
Parts 123
Transfer sheets 2

The Handley Page Hampden was one of the RAF's trio of twin-engined medium bombers, along with the Whitley and Wellington. It played a major part in the RAF's night bombing campaign until its relegation to other duties, such as Torpedo bombing and mine laying in 1942. Nicknamed the 'flying suitcase' due to its very narrow fuselage, the Hampden suffered from being underpowered and vulnerable to enemy fighter attack. This relegated it from daylight bombing to first night bombing, then torpedo attacks and mine laying.

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