Hawker Hurricane/Sea Hurricane
Hawker Hurricane Sea Hurricane MkIIc.jpg
Box art by Unknown
Key Information
Kit name Hawker Hurricane Sea Hurricane MkIIc
Ref. number 02096
Price £7.49
Scale 1:72
Dimensions (mm) 135 x 170
Skill level
Difficulty rating1.png
Kit contents
Parts 56
Sprues 3
Transfer sheets 1

Hurricane IIA Series 2 became the Mk IIC in June 1941, using a slightly modified wing. The new wings also included a hard point for a 500 lb (230 kg) or 250 lb (110 kg) bomb, 20mm cannon and later in 1941, fuel tanks. By then performance was inferior to the latest German fighters, and the Hurricane changed to the ground-attack role. The mark also served as a night fighter and ‘intruder. This kit alows the model to be ether a sea hurricane or just a normal hawker hurricane.

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