Triumph Herald
Box art by Unknown
Key Information
Kit name Triumph Herald Starter Set
Ref. number A55201
Price £9.99
Scale 1:32
Dimensions (mm) L121 x W47
Skill level
Difficulty rating1
Kit contents
Parts 73
Other 6x Acrylic Paints, Glue, 2x Brushes
The Triumph Herald, introduced in 1959, was looked upon as being quite a radical design in motor cars. Its tilt-forward bonnet and unusual styling, plus all-round independent suspension were a breakaway from the traditional theories of the era. The original engine was a four cylinder, single carburettor 948cc unit which was later enlarged to 1147cc with twin carburettors for certain models.

The body design was by the Italian stylist Michelotti and total Herald sales numbered well over 300,000. Other body styles available through the production years were coupe, convertible, and estate car.


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