WW1 Western Front
Ww1 the western front.jpg
Box art by Unknown
Key Information
Kit name WWI - The Western Front Gift Set
Ref. number 50060
Price £34.99
Scale 1:76
Skill level
Difficulty rating2.png
Kit contents
Other MkI Male Tank Model Kit

MkI Female Tank Model Kit Battlefield Diorama Base WWI British Infantry WWI German Infantry 12 paints glue and 2 brushes

It's now more than 90 years since the end of "the war to end all wars". For much of the four years of this grim conflict the soldiers from both sides slugged out a muddy war of attrition in water and rat filled trenches. The diaorama base here is a model replica of a typical trench layout found on the Western Front. The stalemate was eventually broken by not only the courage of these soldiers, but also by the use of the new mechanised weapon - the tank. the kit also contains 12 paints, glue and 2 brushes

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